Work Zone Safety Barricade Lights

We have a full line of flashers and barricade lights to improve visibility and make your work zone safe for construction workers, equipment drivers, and surrounding traffic. Sign Solutions USA carries Type A, B, and C flashers that attach to a wide range of products. Flashers can be mounted on top of posts, traffic cones, bollards, or barricades to help ensure public safety.

Flasher Features:

  • 23-hour complete charge time
  • 9-hour charge (Flash), 7-hour cost (Steady)
  • Exceeds ITE standards and MUTCD visibility specifications
  • Three operation modes: Flash, Constant-Burn, and Off
  • Can run off of solar panels, batteries, or both
  • Photocell technologies toggles lights at dawn and dusk
  • High-quality materials designed to last in any circumstances


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